The Grail Equity Management System (GEMS)

The Alchemy of the Grail Model

GEMS is a unique momentum and growth model, which generates absolute returns in U.S. stocks with no more risk than the S&P 500! The Model has been throughly tested over several years and is applied with excellent results in Grail's advisory capacity to its clients.

The system focuses on market leaders that elevate to the top 10% of the $19 trillion U.S. market, because of their highly successful business strategies.

The Basis of Outstandng Stock Selection

To identify high grade stocks it is essential to analyze the drivers of their performance. The graph shows how this is achieved. The Grail Equity Rating System (GERS) applies 26 data points, which are weighted in terms of their relevance to Grail's search for high calibre Alpha Stocks. As earnings growth is the primary catalyst that drives stock prices 44% of the analysis concentrates on this variable.

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